Leadgeneration and Customer acquisition

Happy Leads specialises in online lead generation and customer canvassing. Do you want to increase the number of subscriptions to you newsletter, introduce your product or service to a group of consumers, generate more requests for brochures, or do you merely want to increase your target audience? By using an extensive and diverse network, Happy Leads will find you the right target group at the right point in time. In brief: Happy Leads brings brands and people together.

Part of what makes Happy Leads so strong is “the network”. A potential audience of about ten million email addresses in the Netherlands and three million in Flanders enables us to reach many households and interest them in your product or service. And that makes for results: it increases not only your sales opportunities but also your brand awareness. We will find you the consumer that you are looking for: the consumer who personally shows an interest in your product or service. We do this by high-quality online lead generation and email campaigns. But we don’t do this on our own.

We like to find the right consumer for your product or service in close collaboration with you. Together, we will bring to fruition an appropriate, creative campaign for more leads, more sales or more reach. Our involvement does not end where your live campaign starts. Happy Leads manages such campaign but continues to optimise it throughout.  By combining testing and analysis with our many years of experience in direct and online marketing, we strive to achieve that ultimate goal: the optimum result.